Remaining Time for XI WLMLA


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that has reached every corner of the world, we believe it will be impossible to hold the ​XI WLMLA (Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latinamerica) during the original dates ​16-​20 ​November 2020. Therefore, in consultation with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), International Organizing Committee (IOC)​ and the LALINET community, we have decided to postpone the ​XI WLMLA to 1​8-​22 ​October 2021.

The XI Workshop Lidar Measurements in Latin America (WLMLA) will be held at Punta Arenas, Chile from 18th to 22th October, 2021. The WLMLA is a biannual meeting, where the Latin American's lidar researchers and students join together to share knowledge among them as well as with researchers worldwide. The particular goals of the Workshop are to promote communication and cooperation between scientific members of the LIDAR community in Latin America, and to plan future LIDAR research projects to strength the Latin-American Lidar Network (LALINET). These workshops have two part: one basic school and the conferences from the researchers. The basic school on lidar is a good chance for students from Latin-american countries. This event is also a great opportunity for lidar and environmental companies to contact potential clients in Latin American lidar working groups. The host of the XI WLMLA, the Atmospheric Research Laboratory (LIA, Laboratorio de Investigaciones Atmosférica, in Spanish) belonging to the University of Magallanes (The southernmost university in the World) is inviting to Lidar students and researchers for getting together to discuss over future directions on these topics, and encourages to young scientists to attend the conference and show the work results, ensuring the strength of the field of laser remote sensing.

School on Lidars

October 18th, 2021 – Lidar Technique and atmospheric Introduction for students at beginner level.

October 19th, 2021 – Lidar Systems and Lidar signal processing for students at middle and advanced level.

Workshop on Lidar Measurements in Latin America

October 20th-22th, 2021 – Oral presentations and posters sessions on Lidar topics and remote sensing applications.

October 22th, 2021 – Special Section on LALINET.

Main topics:

Lidar technologies and methods

Lidar applications in environmental sciences

Lidar Networking

Synergy between lidar and others instruments

Regional and international cooperation in lidar technologies

Remote Sensing application