Remaining Time for XI WLMLA


The XI Workshop Lidar Measurements in Latin America (WLMLA) will be held in a virtual format, from 19th to 22nd October, 2021, and hosted by the Atmospheric Research Laboratory (LIA, Laboratorio de Investigaciones Atmosférica, in Spanish) of the University of Magallanes (The southernmost university in the World).

The WLMLA is a biannual meeting, gathering Latin American researchers and students to promote local communication and international cooperation between members of the Latin-American Lidar Network (LALINET) and the international scientific community. A special aim of all workshops is to strengthen our community by sharing knowledge and planning future projects together. This year, particularly, we will be discussing the development of a common framework to process LALINET data shared through our network.The event is a great opportunity for lidar and environmental companies to contact potential clients in Latin America, especially researchers working on lidar, radiometry, and other remote sensing techniques for atmospheric aerosols, gases and clouds.

We invite students and researchers working on lidar and related techniques to attend our workshop, to participate in our discussions, and to strengthen the field of laser remote sensing.   We specially encourage young scientists to attend the conference and show their ongoing work or preliminary results.

School on Lidars

October 19th, 2021 – Morning and Afternoon

The School on Lidars happens just before our workshops, and is devoted to train future scientists and young researchers in Latin America on laser remote sensing and related techniques. Over 300 students attended our schools, a great opportunity for students from Latin-American countries, many of which are now pursuing they career abroad, or have become established researchers.

This year, the school will be held on a single day, October 19th, 2021. We will have lectures introducing:

• Single Calculus Chain (SSC), the framework for analyzing lidar data developed by EARLINET.

• Generalized Retrieval of Atmosphere and Surface Properties (GRASP)

Scientific Sessions

October 20th-22nd, 2021 – Morning.

The XI WLMLA will have 6 sessions with oral presentations and 1 poster session covering different aspects of Lidar and remote sensing applications. The sessions are:

• Remote sensing of tropospheric aerosols

• Remote sensing of gases

• Remote sensing of stratospheric aerosols

• Remote sensing of clouds

• Data processing of lidar data in networks

• Satellite remote sensing